CompTIA and Immersive Labs Competition

I recently started this blog, I had lots of ideas for posts to do, then upon waking up one day I had an email from CompTIA informing me they were running a competition.

CompTIA partnered with Immersive Labs, a UK run company, founded by an ex GCHQ staffer, the challenge was simple, complete 4 labs and be entered into a prize draw to win an exam voucher and some training material.

This was great, I was thinking about doing the CompTIA Pentest+ exam anyway, I thought, why not give it a go!

The 4 labs were completed within a few hours, there was a dll injection lab that took me some time to work my way around, I did not win anything this time around, but I wanted to mention Immersive labs, it turns out by entering the competition you also got an all access pass to every lab!

I soon became addicted to them, they were so much fun and introduced me to so many new tools!

All of which I will be writing posts on so that I can pass the knowledge onto you guys!

I made a list of some of the tools I will be covering very soon:

  • SIFT
  • PEDA
  • CyberChef
  • Hydra
  • Ghidra
  • PoshC2
  • Radare2
  • Volitaility
  • Powershell Empire
  • fileanalyser
  • PEStudio
  • iBombshell

So, it’s my blog, I get to brag a little bit right! by completing each lab, depending on the difficulty of the lab, you gained points, and there was a leaderboard, I am quite proud of my self for coming #1 out of all of the US and UK participants!

On to the next one!

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